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About VoteSilo

At VoteSilo, it's always election day

VoteSilo enables member-based organizations to harness the power of their constituents and their social networks to strengthen their advocacy efforts. Unlike methods involving the mass emailing of Congressional offices, VoteSilo voting is an anonymous and effortless grassroots participation system generating metrics in real time and providing a useful tool for swaying policy makers. Reporting is configurable to provide limitless variations of geographic and demographic numbers on every bill before Congress. Subscribers can use VoteSilo to pool support among like-minded organizations and identify organizations with opposing views.
  • Increases member participation
  • Builds support beyond membership
  • Measures member inclination
  • Integrates with your other social media campaigns
You can customize reports of supporter activity to understand the trends based on multiple demographics. Data is up-to-the-minute, allowing you to watch and understand how support grows and spreads over time. Advocacy has a new marketplace. Welcome to VoteSilo.
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